A few theoritical aspects

Our ability to perceive someone else’s sensations, emotions or thoughts

COUPLEFamily Constellations and Systemic Representations are based on the consciousness of spaces, structures, and interrelations between people living or deceased, things, and current, past, or future events. This consciousness implies a perception that includes people, things, events, relationships, and structures; according to the Dervishes, the whole forms a Makam which is today referred to as a system, ensemble, or morphic field.
During the course of Family Constellations and Systemic Representations, the representatives perceive bodily sensations, emotions, or thoughts that belong to the people or system they are representing. These are representative perceptions. Although they sense them personally, the perceptions do not belong to them; they are non-personal perceptions. .

very system – that is, our family, professional milieu, social milieu, or the organisations to which we belong – is a field of force, a Makam within which we live and evolve. Taking the example of our family system: when we are born, each of us occupies a place in this family system and receives from his or her parents and ancestors not only a hereditary, genetic heritage, but also an ensemble of beliefs, thought schemas, and behavioral schemas.
All of these schemas have a determining influence on our way of living, thinking, and feeling. They have either a positive or negative influence on our ability to feel ourselves free and act freely, to be happy or unhappy, to succeed or fail in our undertakings. They influence our state of health and well-being and are the cause of our illnesses, and they are often responsible for our positive or conflictual relationships with other people and the world.

Determined by the entire past of our family…

Working with Family Constellations and Systemic Representations, we begin to understand these schemas at their most profound level. Subsequently, through the Family Constellations and Systemic Representations or other specific techniques, we can learn to liberate ourselves from the schemas that limit us or are the cause of our problems.
Each family system (field of force or Makam) is determined by the entire past of our family, parents, and ancestors, as well as by their own thought schemas, beliefs, religion, nationality, and ethnicity.
This field of force is imprinted particularly strongly by all of the significant and decisive events that occurred in the lives of our parents and ancestors. Some examples of such significant and decisive events include difficult situations, conflictual relationships, premature deaths due to serious illness, abortions, miscarriages, children who died at an early age, suicides, accidents, wars, adoptions, incest, ancestors who were guilty of or victims of a crime (even if unrevealed), psychiatric hospitalisations, incarcerations, victims of abuse, thefts, or acquisition of material goods through doubtful means.
In the same way, positive, good, or generous actions have an effect on this field of force, fortifying and harmonising it, whereas harmful actions give rise to negative energies that have repercussions on one’s descendants, who will later be obliged to pay for and repair them.
The way our ancestors behaved toward other people thus has a determining influence on the field of force of our family. .

Under the influence of a field of force…

We are not conscious of the reality of this field of force and the way in which it influences us; sometimes we adopt attitudes and place ourselves in situations in an unexplainable way, and often we do things we regret having done. When we become conscious of such phenomena through the Family Constellations and Systemic Representations, we begin to understand these mechanisms and are able to gradually deliver ourselves of them, transforming our attitudes and behaviors and in this way preventing the unhappiness and suffering that our children, and the children of our children up to seven generations, would have experienced.
People – and particularly members of our family – who seem to behave wrongly toward us or toward other members of our family, or toward people outside of our family, are generally under the influence of a field of force. They are “entangled,” so to speak, and this causes them to behave in a way that we judge to be negative. It is up to us to look at these people with understanding and love, since in reality, and in the majority of cases, they are simply playthings of these fields of force.
This removes nothing from the negative actions that people do commit, for which they must naturally assume responsibility; no one is guilty, but each person is responsible. The fastest possible compensation is necessary, preferably by the person who has committed the negative action; otherwise someone in a subsequent generation will have to commit the same type of action or be subjected to the same type of fate.
All of the above is equally applicable to every other type of system – for example institutions, associations, and businesses.
Family Constellations and Systemic Representations are the projection into outer space of an inner image of the client’s family system (or any other system to which he or she belongs). This externalised image is transformed during the course of the Family Constellation and Systemic Representation and may then be internalised by the client, making possible a higher-level solution to the problem.

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Behind our conscious goals

The hundreds of Constellations and Representations we have realised have made it clear to us that they are a choice method for revealing what is hidden in the personal or collective unconscious. When what is “hidden” is brought to light in this way, new possibilities of action are revealed through the representatives chosen from among the participants, who through their commitment make possible the implementation of a better solution for the client’s problem. People regain their force and their dignity; teams find the necessary resources to resolve their internal conflicts, and businesses or organisations find the means of structuring themselves more effectively, progressing more successfully toward their common goal.
One of the essential revelations of this approach is that behind the conscious goals of individual people, families, and organisations, other forces are at work, connecting the people and systems with each other and rendering them totally interdependent with one another.
The use of Family Constellations and Systemic Representations in the context of the fields of health and well-being opens up remarkable new therapeutic perspectives.