tao-et-systemieFrom the Sacred texts and the Tao I Ching to today’s family constellations or the hidden secrets in family constellations

by Idris Lahore and Coline d’Aubret

Family, systemic, professional and modern spiritual constellations are much discussed. They are impressive and very effective when conducted in a proper spiritual state of mind, made of respect and humility. The constellations do not adress only family problems, but professional, social, cultural difficulties as well, and they are probably one of the most effective branch in the sectors of personal assistance, in close collaboration with all other professionals (doctors, therapists, paramedical professions, coaching and so on.) Some consider these practices as «new» when they are rooted in the deep sources of sacred texts rediscovered and adapted to today’s world. Idris Lahore pays tribute to Bert Hellinger, the father of constellations labeled as «modern classic» and for his rediscovery of ancient sources of his own work through the fruit of his experience. Idris Lahore started the Way the other way round, by integrating in his constellator’s work Ancient knowledge he had previously received from Taoists and from a brotherhood issued from the pre-Islamic Dervish tradition also found in ancien India and ancient Rishis.


What are constellations? What are they for? How is a constellation done?

The constellations are not a history of mystics, but it directly affects the functioning of beings and worlds.
Here is what Idris Lahore says about them.

« Family constellations are a way to help us find a solution, or a better solution to a pain or disorder, either a physical illness or a psychological, relationship, family problem or a problem raising at the professional, social or spiritual level.

A person chooses representatives for members of his family and their place in space in relation to each other. Then these representatives live sensations, emotions, thoughts, impulses to movement, belonging to the people they represent without knowing anything about them.  The representatives are taken by the same force, movement of the soul or even morphic field that in ordinary life animates the people represented.

This work done in groups, sometimes individually, under the leadership of a ‘constellator’ or mediator, allows to highlight the hidden dynamics in a human system, causing various recurrent physical or psychological suffering. Then he proposes a better solution to the system to repair the injuries committed by some of its members, some of whom died decades ago, and which affect their descendants today. »

This phenomemon is also one of the most amazing. The question that rises to the mind is : but what is this force that compels people in their lives, the same force that obliges representatives to have certain emotions, certain sensations, to have a certain type of thoughts in the context of representations ?

Systemic injuries encounted in all constellations : the orders of Love by Bert Hellinger, the father of modern family constellations –

Principle of belonging: the first is generally defined as the principle of the right of ownership. A person cannot be excluded from a family system – or any other system – without this system being hurt, and the members of this system suffering the consequences. This is the principle of love that never exclude anything and necessarily always includes everything.

Principle of rank and seniority: The second principle generally mentioned is called the principle of rank, place or seniority. It not only tells us that everyone has the right to  have a place in a system but that each person has a very precise place in this system that is usually linked to seniority. When a person wants to take the place of another, or takes the place of another – it always leads to all sorts of problems, whether in families, in profession or among nations.

The principle of balance between giving and receiving. In fact, this principle is a spiritual principle and it applies to all forms of physical, emotional, intellectual relationships between people. And perhaps one of the greatest merits of Bert Hellinger is to have highlighted once again the importance of respecting these principles.

Universal Science of orders that governs human relations and disorders that leads to conflicts: reading excerpts of the I Ching

But where does this knowledge come from ? Great Sufi mystics, those of Islam and in China from Lao Tzu in the Tao I Ching

From the book of Bert Hellinger « die Liebe des Geistes » or Love in Mind

Bert Hellinger writes in his latest book that his teaching is the teaching of the Love of the Spirit. He writes: « It is a universal science of orders that governs human relations, first in the family – that is the relationship between man and woman and between parents and children – including their education. This leads to the rules that act at work, professionally, in organizations, to rules in larger groups, such as peoples and cultures. »

This wisdom is contained in all paths called spiritual paths. Thus, for example in chapter 1 of the I Ching, which has the subtitle: » The book of transformations, metamorphoses and movements. » it says:


Parallel with the I Ching (6th century BC) – translation by Idris Lahore :

The family manifests the laws that prevail inside the house, laws that applied to the outside world, also maintain order in the city and the Universe. »

«3 of 5 social relationships have their place within the family. The one between parents and children is Love. The one between man and woman, is balance. The one between elder and younger is the place. »

Here we find the three fundamental labor principles of family constellations. So, a deep understanding of Bert Hellinger of these philosophical and spiritual knowledge including other Chinese texts that dates from 7 centuries BC.
« The family is the original cell of society. So that within a narrow circle is created the basis on which these principles are then applied to human relationships in general. The family must be a unit. »

« Man and woman are complying with the great laws of nature by taking their rightful place. When the father is really a father and the son really a son, when the older brother fills his place as the elder brother and the younger as the youngest, when the bridegroom is really a husband and his wife a wife, than the family is in order. When the family is in order, all the social relations of humanity are arranged in turn. »

And in our society, we know how families are messed up, of which no one can be surprised about, knowing the great spiritual laws, ecological disorder, economic and banking disorder, and not just conflicts between people obviously.


Taoist philosphy, the constellations and the movement of the Spirit.

Chinese masters, the Masters of Taoism say « The Spirit is the spiritual world in us, in our heart, it leads and protects us and we must protect it. »

The two aspects are very important to understand the systemic problems. In connection with the mind. This quote is from the Huang Di Nei Jing, which is not dated in the 700 or 800 years BC. It is a book attributed to the legendary emperor, the Yellow emperor, and this book dates from about 2800, 3000 years BC.

For Chinese of that time, the Spirit is the spiritual world – or a fragment of the spiritual world – in the heart of a man. And that spiritual world, they say, leads and protects man, and man must protect it.

The idea is the following: when it is no longer the individual Spirit that is in the heart of man, because it has not been protected, another spirit is introduced, and for the ancient Chinese, this other spirit is what is called  in the constellations an entanglement. It is that we are not quite ourselves in our heart, something else, another spirit is in us. When the ancient Chinese say that a spirit is in your heart instead of your own spirit, they just say that you are no longer yourself. Like when someone is angry, he is not himself any longer, he is dominated by the spirit of anger, or simply by anger.

Science today wants to show us the truth of what is. The only problem is that it changes every three days or every three years, as it evolves, it is not an absolute truth, even if that is what the media convey, conditioning the broad masses.

For religions, it is the same. Catholics have long asserted that the earth was flat – we know it is just the floor that is flat, the earth is round!

Spirituality doesn’t state the truth to anyone, it can sometimes propose a path to get there, but is it necessarily always an individual path.


Chinese medicine and family constellations

In Chinese medicine, it is considered that everything is energy. Sometimes, for example under the influence of trauma – or shock, a fright – a person squeezes in himself, and  narrowing  himself, it is as if he ejects a portion of another energy from himself. Because there is not enough space in this contraction. It is as if this energy was then outside himself. Itis the idea of Chinese medicine.

And Taoist Masters also think that someone else can enter in contact with this energy outside of another person: it can be anyone, but it can especially be a descendant of the person who suffered this fear. Or, to use a slightly more modern and psychological language, the person who suffered the fright does what is called a dissociation, and it is as if an element of himself, gone outside of himself, continues to live and another person integratess this aspect. In practice of some type of family and systemic constellations, we will look for these energies that were put outside of some people and are found inside other people, we extract them out from the those quo are like squatted. These people are considered as possessed by an energie that is foreign to them. In the Middle Ages, it was even said that they were demons that were inside people, the Chinese say that these are energies or spirits: for the Chinese there is not much difference between energy and a spirit. For us, even in more modern way, one could say that it is  information. Information, that normally exists in someone but that can be passed to someone else. And as any information, that can have an effect.


The Tao, energy, Ying and Yang, the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Let’s look at the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Masters model who are the basis of tamily constellations of today: the family, ancestors, spirituality – firstly , and secondly our diseases, our accidents as well, our family and relationship problems, our couple problems as well as professional problems of success and failure….

Everything is movement of the Spirit. Everything is movement. We know the sign of the Tao.

Ying and Yang, Female and Male, and all that is animated by a movement that is named by a word that almost everybody knows, that is the Chi energy. Movement energy, energy that we can call the Qi from now on.

The imprint of the soul of  humanity(collective unconscious of humanity), the imprint of the soul of ancestors and the imprint of the soul of the family.

The idea of Chinese: the spirit goes through the soul of humanity. Then it goes through the line of ancestors,  it contacts  the souls of ancestors. Then it passes through his closer family. And then it enters this physical body prepared by the mother and the father.

But all these layers through which it passes, leaves an imprint in it. For more materialistic: when speaking of spirits, we speak of thoughts, or, quantum physics would speak of a world of information: here there is one or many information – and this Spirit or this information descend into another information, which is – what psychologists call – the collective unconscious of humanity, and perhaps that this Spirit there, up in the world of spirits, was in contact with other spirits, who made an imprint on it. And maybe that in its descend to the body, it came into contact with some of its ancestors – and not with others – and then it walked into this physical body, already marked by spirits or information of this world, and by information or markings, with intricacies of ancestors…

Therefore, the spirit of a human being does not arrive blank in the body. Today, genetic science knows this, but it simply attributes it to matter. But the constellations show us every day otherwise.

Idris Lahore calls us to “a little more humility, gratitude and respect” by practicing family constellations. He also indicates the importance for constellators to do this inner work, in addition to knowledge, of being able to be empty “in the heart”, as proposed through the Tao I Ching by the wise of old days who lived 5000 years ago.

Conclusion: if we can benefit today of this beautiful work offered by systemic approaches, let us never forget that they are only modern adaptation of an old wisdom that has not aged a bit and that applies to all living systems of this world, from the smallest (the cell) to largest (global system). And it invites us, as we do in the constellations to bow down with gratitude and respect.

Coline d’Aubret

From a talk given in October 2008 by Idris Lahore.

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