A different way of approaching your problems…

Practiced for centuries in traditional societies, certain systemic techniques – from the movement of the soul to the breath of the spirit – have been adapted to the Western public and its needs of today by Idris Lahore, integrating into them the knowledge and practical experience deriving from the work of B. Hellinger, I. Sparrer, and M.V. von Kibed.
A remarkably powerful and effective form of mediation, this approach deals with individual problems from a systemic perspective. By working with the problem area of one person, the mediator also helps the people with whom he or she is in relationship, at the family, relational, social, professional, or therapeutic levels.
Unshakeable ethical integrity, gentleness, and benevolence at the service of a profound inner action characterise this approach.

With family and systemic constellations :

gain a clearer vision and find a better solution to your :

  • interpersonal difficulties
  • marital or partner difficulties
  • family or parental difficulties
  • professional difficulties
  • psychological difficulties
  • health problems

…or learn to give your life a new direction.

Why ask for a family or systemic constellation?

   Did you know that behind the apparent cause of most illnesses, interpersonal or partner difficulties, parents’ or children’s difficulties, and professional dissatisfaction or failures, there is an underlying family and systemic cause?
As surprising as it may seem, certain painful or serious events that happened in the lives of your ancestors still have repercussions on your life today:
– maybe your great-grandfather’s failure is what prevents you from succeeding in your professional life.
– maybe your son’s problems at school are connected to your great-uncle, who had to work at the age of 16 in order to pay for his brothers’ college tuition.
– maybe your allergies, cancer, or arthritis are the consequence of your grandmother’s stillborn child.
– maybe your daughter’s continual accidents are due to your aunt who was crushed under the ruins of her house.
– maybe your difficulties at work are connected to the exclusion of a previous co-worker, even before you arrived.
Thousands of family and systemic constellations have revealed that all of these connections are possible, in addition to many more that are even more astonishing.
These systemic connections are the roots of disequilibrium in family systems and organisations. The specific systemic techniques of our constellation methods contribute to restoring a state of equilibrium, allowing a return to health and well-being, harmony, and success.

   The French Institute of Family and Systemic Constellations trains mediators in family constellations and systemic representations. The Institute is directed by Idris Lahore with the assistance of Ennea Tess Griffith and Coline d’Aubret and offers training courses in different European countries.

   Please see the Mediator’s Guide for more detailed information.