Who is Idris Lahore ?


A frequent speaker before international audiences, Idris Lahore has developed an original training course model in Family Constellations and Systemic Representations with currently over 200 participants and which is also available – unique for this type of work – on DVD.

Drawing upon over thirty years of experience, the originality of his approach consists in his synthesis of his own traditional Near Eastern sources with the most significant modern work in systemic fields, particularly that of B. Hellinger, I. Sparrer, and M.V. von Kibed, as well as his integration of psycho-corporal techniques and new energetic psychotherapies, of which he is one of the pioneers.

A well-known author, his books have been translated into several languages, dealing with such themes as alternative medicine and psychotherapy, personal evolution, and spirituality.

Also a painter, his works are currently on exhibition in several cities in Russia, where he will initiate next year a new cycle of professional training courses in Family Constellations and Systemic Representations.


ooks by Idris Lahore

Published by Nicolas Hays, Inc.
Dervish Yoga For Health and Longevity – Samadeva Gestural Euphony: The Seven Major Arkanas

Published by Gayatri/Livebook Publishing
Йога дервишей. Секрет вечной молодости дервишей

Published by Verlag Via Nova
Das Geheimnis der Derwische für Ewige Jugend: eine Einführung in die sieben höheren Arkana

Published by Uitgeverij Schors
Samadeva – Het geheim van de eeuwige jeugd van de Derwisjen: Harmonie en energie door zeven revitaliserende oefeningen

Published by Editions EccE :
Le Tao, la voie du Tao
Arane ô Arane, Le Chant de l’Éternité
Arane ô Arane, La voie de l’Éthique Soufie
Le Silence du corps
Les 7 Arkana Majeurs, le Secret de l’éternelle jeunesse des Derviches
(with Ennea Tess Griffith and Emma Thyloch)
Ennéagramme & Énergétique, libérer le meilleur en soi
(with Coline d’Aubret and France de Bois Centi)
Santé & Équilibre par percussion des points d’acupuncture
Dos Régénéré, Exercices thérapeutiques Dos & Articulations
Applications des Techniques Énergétiques par les Méridiens
Harmonisation énergétique, Techniques Énergétiques par les Méridiens

Published by Editions Spiritual Book:
Chen-Yen, Du Tantrisme au Bouddhisme Occidental

Published by Editions Althe S.A :
L’Âme, entre le Corps et l’Esprit,Fragments d’une Psychologie de l’Essentiel T 1
(with Jocelyne Herz)
Les Traits de Caractère, Fragments d’une Psychologie de l’Essentiel T 2
(with Jocelyne Herz)
AMPC, Pour une Éducation à la Non-Violence

Published by Editions Jouvence
Manuel de Thérapie Euphonique par l’Attention (TEA)
Mobilisez vos Forces de Guérison (TEA)

Appearing in 2008 with Editions EccE :
Éléments de kinésiologie appliqués aux Techniques Énergétiques par les Méridiens