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The French Institute of Family and Systemic Constellations trains constellators/mediators, who are practitioners of Family Constellations and Systemic Representations. During personal consultations, group sessions, workshops, or seminars, they pass on their knowledge and practical methods, which do not include any form of medical diagnosis or therapy. Likewise, consultations with a mediator are not oriented towards psychotherapy, a domain which is reserved for specially-trained and practicing therapists. The orientation of these methods is “systemic,” that is, they are addressed not only to the individual, but also – and always – to the family, ancestral, tribal, ethnic, national, social, or professional system to which the individual belongs.

In his relationship to his client, the mediator’s first and foremost duty is to be at his own best possible level. This duty is ethical, since it is what permits him to be as useful and effective as possible at the service of his client.

Being “at our best possible level” does not mean we compare ourselves to other mediators or colleagues, but that we are sure to be in the best possible state of equilibrium and knowledge in relation to ourselves. This implies that:

  • The mediator applies himself the techniques he proposes to his clients;
  • He keeps himself informed at all times about the evolution of the field;
  • He ensures that he is supervised regularly in order to avoid the risk of introducing deviations that are harmful to his client.

Ancestral constellations according to Idris Lahore

What is a system ? By Coline D'Aubret

Key articles

Origins of constellations

From the Sacred texts and the Tao I Ching to today's family constellations or the hidden secrets in family constellations

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Idris Lahore and Bert Hellinger

The reverse path of Idris Lahore and Bert Hellinger

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Epigenetics and systemy

How modern science discovers that we also inherit environmental influences experienced by our ancestors…

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Mirror neurons

When we see another suffer, it is as if we suffer ourselves. There is a link between people. All the mirror system indicated that we are connected to others...

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Morphic fields

The constellation is the representation of the morphic field of the client's family, the connection is made through the customers' field...

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Systemic work in companies

When considering the systemic dynamics of business and family systems, we find that the generational memories are surprisingly at work...

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The number of students worldwide following training by Idris Lahore


The international reach of our training in 2015 : Chine, Russia, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Morocco, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland...


This is the number of constellators being trained by Idris Lahore who are exercising this activity on a professional level.


Coline d'Aubret

Coline d'Aubret

President of the FPCFS and responsible for the training in systemic and family constellations at the Libre Universite du Samadeva.

Trained by Idris Lahore, she has been assisting him since the beginning of his training for mediators. Coline directs a training organization in human ressources and is consultant for private and public companies. She is also a public lecturer and author of books translated into several languages. She practices family constellations in different countries (including China) and forms constellators in France, China, Russia, Morocco and Bulgaria.

Clara Naudi

Clara Naudi

Educational manager

Dr Clara Naudi is a homoepathic doctor, graduated in palliative and emergency techniques. She is author of several books and a confirmed speaker. Instructor at the Libre Université du Samadeva, she is Vice-President of the Federation of Psychogenealogy and Family Constellation (FPCFS) and is a member of the Ethics Committee. She followed the teaching of family and systemic constellations according to Idris Lahore from the beginning, along with Coline d'Aubret. She is one of the most experienced in the practice of family and systemic constellations according to Idris Lahore, who asked her to be responsible for overseeing all the training groups within the FPCFS.

Frédéric Pion

Frédéric Pion

Constellator for families and businesses

Audioprothesist graduated of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, he has exercised his profession for 25 years at the head of a Holding owning several companies created by him. While developing his business, he had at heart to potentiate the effectiveness of the hearing aid of his customers by developing listening rehabilitation techniques by collaborating, among others, with the Physical Measurement Unit of the University of Bordeaux. This quest for improving the well-being of his customers has led him naturally to follow many trainings, including family constellations by students of Bert Hellinger and for the last ten years, by Idris Lahore. Recently he intervened in Morocco, Russia and Bulgaria.,

Marlène Borutta

Marlène Borutta

Constellator for families and organisations

It was after a Master degree in Economic Intelligence and Management of International Development in Strasbourg and 25 years of professional activities in small, medium sized and multinational companies that Marlène Borutta redirected her professional career in 2007 to devote herself with heart and enthusiasm to accompanying individuals and businesses. Trained in Germany in family constellations and regression therapy with the psychologist E. Schaefer. 6 years of education in systemic mediation work in France with Idris Lahore. Mother and grandmother, stepmother of three children of a Franco-German reconstituted couple, she lives today in Alsace while continuing to travel and passing on her expertise in native German as well as in French and English language.